First Report of the Dialogue Support Platform by Miguel Varela


On 14-15 July 2015, a pilot group of facilitators met in Kyiv to explore the main challenges for dialogue facilitation in Ukraine, the options ahead, and the next steps for the platform. This report captures the outcome of the meeting and outlines the next steps before the official launch on the last week of September 2015.

Main challenges and options:

Facilitators working together → Building trust to develop communications, exchange and cooperation between facilitators.

Culture of dialogue → Exploring a common understanding of the meaning of “dialogue” and engaging media to make it clear to the public

Dialogue fatigue → Encouraging a discussion to evaluate the effect of dialogues and finding ways to measure them

Working with authorities → Promoting a conflict-sensitive approach in the political agenda

Safety → Exploring the relationship between safety and trust-building in detail

Preparation and coordination → Exchanging experiences and approaches to dialogue preparation 

Created by Miguel Varela on 2016-03-17 10:56:06 UTC